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"...he's an open-minded musician who embraces jazz, Indian classical music, abstract improvisation and Asian pop, a dazzling percussion virtuoso, an accessible entertainer."

Exploring the Hidden Music

Architect/composer Christopher Janney and legendary producer/musician Bill Laswell join as they "explore the hidden music" - found in spaces, the human body and in the meeting of artistic minds. This performance includes a new version of Janney's “HeartBeat” with percussion, electronics and voice accompaniment. "Heartbeat" is a dance/music/cardiology mash-up and was made world-famous when toured internationally by M. Baryshnikov in the 1990’s. Janney’s “Visual Music Project” will also be presented which utilizes his custom "visual synthesizer" exploring his synaesthetic tendencies. Both pieces feature world-class musicians including Trilok Gurtu (John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul), Dave Revels (The Persuasions) Sheila E (Prince, Santana) and Lynn Mabry (Sly Stone, Parliament/Funkadelic). Choreography by Sara Rudner (Twyla Tharpe). Additional Artists include Ed Grenga, Sunny Hitt, Ryan Edwards, Junauro Landgrebe.

All this together with one of Janney's interactive sound/light installations at the door and a new interactive light work “Touch my Light” over DJ Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Afrika) set with live drumming, the result should be a wild ride where, as Bill is known to quote Burroughs, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

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Trilok’s Gourmet Side!

Read about Trilok’s gourmet side in an interview with Germany’s top food and wine magazine Der Feinschmecker

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Latest Release - “Spellbound”

…every single sound on the CD is an expression of Trilok Gurtu's great admiration for the man and musician Don Cherry. After all, it was the American trumpeter who, in the first half of the 1970s, encouraged the young percussionist, freshly arrived in Europe, i.e. Italy, from his homeland of India, to pursue his vision of an intuitive music which is open to the world and embraces the world, and to realise this vision.

And even more. With every track on “Spellbound” Trilok Gurtu has turned to the instrument that Cherry himself played: the trumpet. This brass instrument is practically a symbol for Gurtu's own musical vision.

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